Susan has done a great job in proofreading the copy of our charity’s website. Her review was systematic and the report was clear, with useful recommendations and future guidelines. We’ve learnt a few things too. Would absolutely recommend!

Susy Moore, Stripey Stork

Susan offered her service for us as a volunteer. She checked through our website and made suggestions on how we could improve it. We highly recommend Susan. She did an amazing job and she did it in a short time. Thank you Susan!

Kriszti Schafler, Little Lives UK

Susan very kindly offered her proofreading services to Skylarks at a time when we were launching lots of appeals as a result of the pandemic. Her willingness and experience to read through our communications has given us the confidence and assurance of consistent messaging. We are very grateful for her eagle eye and skills in helping our small hard-working parent-led charity.

Sona Sharma, Partnership & Fundraising Manager, Skylarks

Susan’s proofreading abilities were an excellent help during the production of an informative gift book we are publishing later in the year. She provided a meticulous service with clear, helpful suggestions and has proved herself to be a very reliable and comprehensive proofreader. I look forward to working with Susan again in future!

Rebecca Haydon, Assistant Editor, Summersdale Publishers Ltd

We are incredibly grateful for Susan’s input in proofreading our employee handbook. Susan has an amazing eye for detail. She even noticed minor font changes and quote marks that were not consistent throughout the lengthy document. Her thoroughness ensured we produced a professional and user-friendly handbook. Susan completed the proofreading very quickly, meeting a challenging deadline and we are absolutely delighted with the finished product.

Momentum Children’s Charity

I am happy with Susan’s services. They are reliable and of a high quality.

Thiago Haberli, Director, Sustain Quality
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