What is a contronym?

A contronym is a word that has two meanings that are contradictory to each other. They are spelled and pronounced in the same way but can be confusing if used in the wrong context. 

Here are a few examples.

He bolted the door.
He bolted from the shop with the stolen goods.  
To fasten
To collapse

He buckled his shoes.
His legs buckled from under him.
To add something
To remove something

She dusted the cake with icing sugar.
He dusted the furniture.
Moving quickly
Fixed, unmoving

He ran fast from the house.
The colours remained fast.
Hold up
To support
To hinder

My friend is always there to hold me up.
She was held up by bad traffic.

The light was turned off.
The alarm was going off.
To present
To conceal

The film was screened in London, Paris and Los Angeles.
He was screened by the curtain.
To add something
To remove

The gardener seeded the lawn.
I seeded the tomato so I could add it to the salad.
To remove
To hit

I stoned the peaches to make the dessert.
They stoned the villagers during the conflict.
To withstand
To wear away   

The company weathered the recession.
The rock was weathered.

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